14 Aug 2018, 11:05

fantastic first walk (1)
11:05 Tuesday 14 August 2018 JST

I have decided to wake up at 5am each day, and on the five days I do not have to immediately go to work (for which I have already been waking up at 5am), I will go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Today I went up the hill and along the ridge and up left on a street I had never walked before, then up a hill into a park and then omg down a spooky mossy staircase with spiderweb strands hitting my face and cicadas buzzing my ears and mosquitoes chomping my legs. Upon arrival at the bottom, I turned left onto a little street and met Mr Kasahara who was like, “can I show you?” and I was like “please!” and he showed me a rainbow colored 玉虫たまむし insect he called a tamamushi, and went on at length about how it was such a rare find. I was able to understand about 50% of what he was saying.

The area where he lived used to be named Kasahara, but the Odawara clan(?) came over and Mr Kasahara had to flee (for his life). He is 85 years old, and apparently has a fair few stories to tell. I hope to see him tomorrow and bring my recorder to record some of his stories for science and study etc.