02 Aug 2018, 09:42

State of My Life Address
09:42 Thursday 02 August 2018 JST
  1. It’s hotter in Tokyo this summer than summers in my memory. It’s been getting up to 34 - 35 degrees Celcius as the high, with some hot spots in the 40s
  2. I bought https://www.marbletrack3.com/ and have got a reasonable start on how to display each livestream as an episode. I started making a page for each character, calling them workers, and even got some translation support from Tomoko at Showspace in SCC.
  3. Regarding the translation for marbletrack3.com, I only have done the menus, and even just that is done poorly (links are still broken)
  4. But the site is open source so I can hopefully get some help from people on https://gohugo.io
  5. Speaking of open source, for ConSwi programming, I often get stuck on questions that are difficult to explain unless I can show the source code. I want to go back to open sourcing the code, and just worry about how to open source the code, but not the images.
  6. Lin and I have a new bed frame but no bed. The bed apparently did not fit up the stairwell, but I was not there to witness it.
  7. My backpack needs some more mending. I plan to work on it later today.
  8. Also later today: Meet Cathy The Relationship Artist at 5pm, have GG lesson in Akihabara at 6:30pm, head home for Japanese lesson at 10pm, finish right on time for English lesson with Aki’s friend Y at 11pm.
  9. I have realized that I need support promoting the men’s circle; I don’t really write on FB to invite people nor even announce upcoming interesting presentations, etc.
  10. I may have found the backpack that will replace the backpack I have had for a while and have kept repairing as it rips in various places.