14 Jul 2018, 05:00

no retroactive backlinks

05:00 Saturday 14 July 2018 JST

I keep getting spammed by people looking for backlinks.

Heyyy Rob,

So this is super random… but stick with me. I know you’re familiar with a tool called Trello because you linked to the Trello website from this page: https://robnugen.com/blog/2013/02/06/a-few-things-in-my-brain-at-4am/

I’m a huge fan of the platform so I thought I’d give you a heads up about a review I just published on it. It’s 3,000+ words long and very thorough. You can see it here: (REDACTED)

If you like the review, would you consider linking to it from your page?

If you don’t like it, I’ll sit and cry in the corner for a while.

I linked to Trello because it is a service I liked at the time. Plus, that was back in 2013; robnugen.com/journal is a web journal, not a web site, so I am not going to go back and update old content. That shit is pristine just as it was written.

Plus, crying can be good.

I dug around on the guy’s site and found a lot of clickbaity titles, but maybe that is what it takes to make a buck around here.