11 Jul 2018, 17:51


17:51 Wednesday 11 July 2018 JST

Last night we discussed presenting a day-long workshop to men in Tokyo. My vision is to expand the work to new men around Tokyo and eventually Japan. I am looking for 2 or 3 men to help me present the workshop in October or November this year. I hope to meet with whoever steps up and create a plan by early August.

Today Tomoko seemed quite entertained with the magnitude of Marble Track 3’s Construction. It worked well to show her Marble Track 2 because she soon asked how I made it.

Nowadays at JB, I teach 5 lessons on Wednesdays, 20% more than the past year of lessons.

I think I finished adding ARC Cycles to CSV reports for AB. I mean I finished, and I think they are what AB wanted.

I think my passport expires soon; I gotta get that sorted. Because no one checks my passport unless I leave the country, I figured I can let it be expired for a while, but now I realize that may not be a good idea.

Our 6pm students seem to be late. It’s after 5:59 now. Not late! 16 seconds to spare.