09 Jul 2018, 04:41

dream used wrong toilet

04:41 Monday 09 July 2018 JST

While on campus at a university I needed to use the restroom to go number 2, but all the restrooms had lines. From experience, I knew that the restrooms on higher floors had shorter lines, but I had to go up to a floor I had never previously seen.

I got to some kind of room with a lectern and chairs and wanted to see what was on the next floor, but it was locked. I could see under the door tht someone was there, but it was apparently a private floor. I went around a corner and found a pair of restrooms that were adjacent with no wall between them, and realized there was a mirror between them so they each looked like larger rooms.

I chose the one with had a symbol for men on the door, and just my luck, there was a giant turd floating in the water. I flushed the ancient handle, but the water just went higher and the turd was that much closer to overflow. I tried again with more vigor and noticed the water did go down, but only after holding the handle down for a while. So I held the handle and got the water down to a manageble level and sat down to do my business.

The door to the next restroom opened, and lo, it was not a mirror, but a simple shower curtain between the loos. The woman who came in was like, actually this toilet is for number 2 and that one is for number 1 only. I nodded my head politely, and she asked if I knew what she meant.

"Yes, this is for number 1," holding up 1 finger, "and that is for number 2," holding up 2 fingers as if that proved anything. After a moment, I explained that I used the restroom which had the symbol for men on it.

She was like, "yeah that means number 1 only."

I said "hmm yeah well that makes sense" and I thought about it for a while and realized "oh, but I know how to control this toilet now. You guys designated this for pee only because sometimes the water only rises. Not to mention, there was a giant turd in this toilet when I came in, and I cleaned it up, so you are welcome."

She perked up to hear that. "Really? Because that would be great," and gave me a kiss.

Then I woke up.