05 Jul 2018, 00:13

State of My Life Address

00:13 Thursday 05 July 2018 JST

  1. Dreamhost has decided to stop supporting catch-all emails so I am looking for a new provider. The encrypted versions cannot search nor test for spam very well so I may not be happy with any of those
  2. I am too tired to write this right now so I should go to bed.
  3. For AB, I have started adding arc_cycles, which should save them a decent amount of time when creating historical reports.
  4. I got a haibiscus for Lin “today”

18:25 Saturday 07 July 2018 JST

  1. I got my MX records set to a new provider (Google, and GSuite, with a bit of conflict that it is less secure, but I want my catch-all and so far so good with Google)
  2. I checked out https://dayboard.co/ for a couple days, but it has some bugs so am going to skip it for now.
  3. I am watching video 82 or so in this hypnotherapy course
  4. Later this month I will meet Eri to go through the Passion Test recommended by Jens.
  5. I work at SSC every week now and sometimes twice a week.
  6. I have started again reading The Seven Laws of Money and restarted tracking all my monies.
  7. Lin just got home. (18:42)
  8. Going to go get pizza (19:15)
  9. Just got back from buying pizza (20:00)
  10. Just got back upstairs after eating and sitting on the couch (21:12)