03 Jul 2018, 15:11

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15:11 Tuesday 03 July 2018 JST

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SUBJECT: Unauthorized charges on my credit card


My name is Rob Nugen, and I am writing to ask you to remove unauthorized charges from my credit card.

My credit card number is (REDACTED)

On or around April 15, 2018, I used my credit card to do age verification for https://free-adult-games.com/ The website URL and name both indicate the content is free. I read the information written around the credit card entry form and felt assured my card would not be charged. Otherwise, I would not have signed up because there is plenty of free pornography available online.

On or around May 28th 2018, I received my credit card statement which showed three different charges (even though I only entered my credit card number one time).

  1. April 17 wirescredcomp.com (866) 412-377 for $39.95
  2. April 20 quotekrewbill.com (866) 324-828 for $39.94
  3. April 24 payzonebill.com (877) 253-895 for $49.95

I chatted with a friendly customer service agent who assured me all the charges would be removed from my credit card. I was given a cancelation number el3168.

I have a copy of the transcript here: https://new.robnugen.com/journal/2018/05/29/cancelled-porn-charges/

This month, I have received the same set of three charges.

  1. May 16 wirescredcomp.com (866) 412-377 for $39.95
  2. May 20 quotekrewbill.com (866) 324-828 for $39.94
  3. May 24 payzonebill.com 866 401-9676 for $49.95

I called customer service this time, and was assured they “could only remove 2 charges” which is insufficient given there were more than 2 charges each month, even though I had only entered my credit card number one time, on one site.

I ran out of credit while on the phone so was disconnected while on hold. I went back to customer service chat.

I have a copy of the transcipt here: https://new.robnugen.com/journal/2018/07/03/note-to-self-do-not-sign-up-for-porn/

The agent made the same assurances that all the charges have been removed. I asked how I can trust they have been removed after I was given the same assurances last month. The agent suggested I write to you. Curiously, this agent gave me the same cancellation confirmation code. el3168

The charges listed above were not authorized. Please remove all the charges listed above and any other similar charges from my credit card number ________________.

Rob Nugen

Rob Nugen, Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Ticket ID: QGG-145-58382 Subject: Fwd: CSVentures - Live Chat on 02 July 2018 Kind regards, Customer Support