23 Jun 2018, 11:26

mak^Hde first geocache

11:26 Saturday 23 June 2018 JST

I plan to placed my first geocache today.

I got support from Turbo-7, who sent me links to English and Japanese notes to place on the cache.

I tweaked the notes to include my email address, but have not put them online yet because they break the CSS of my site when displayed in the index, and I cannot figure out how to override the Hugo index the way I want.

I plan to create a (repo with a) page for (each of) my geocache(s), and am working on that now.

I plan for it to be available at https://robnugen.com/geocaching/xxxx where xxxx is the code given to me by Geocaching website once I place the cache. For now, my domain is prefixed with new, so it will likely be at https://new.robnugen.com/geocaching/ and then the code.

00:18 Sunday 24 June 2018 JST