17 Jun 2018, 19:03

SOGO Cookie Time

19:03 Sunday 17 June 2018 JST

Went to SOGO with everyone and then Cookie Time with Aki, but the line was too long for her so we bounced. Said bye to her at the station and then went back for cookies! Bought a shake, but it was more like blended milk than blended ice cream. Bought a lemon cookie for Lin and headed home.

“Oh I forgot my water bottle” so I headed back to the park and saw Menya and them leaving the park. They had my water bottle yay!

Went to lunch at TGIF and ate chicken quesadilla (fast service this time) across from Ami, next to whom I sat last time we were there (my first time at SOGO, circa two years ago). (I had been across from Emi, but Lisa came and sat by Menya so we all shoved down one seat.)

Headed home and found Lin at the station where we bought KFC and ate it outside in the yard while mosquitoes feasted as well.

Now sleepy nap time for me before lesson with Sarumama at 8pm and then meeting with Tariq at 10pm.