13 Jun 2018, 21:34

work and work

21:34 Wednesday 13 June 2018 JST

Been working too much recently, but not enough to trigger carpal tunnel issues again, fortunately.

Today for AB I nearly finished a report that AB wants to have available. I thought I could finish in 2 hours, but it has taken 6.5 so far. fack. I will tell them it has taken longer.

Today for JB I did my normal Wednesday schedule (Solid Square with Ayano and them, then two kid lessons and two adult lessons in JB office from 15:30 - 21:00). Had a gap in the middle so went to Muza for their ワンコイン 500 yen lunchtime concert. Had a nice snooze during the performance, a string quartet, which played for about 40 minutes.