02 Jun 2018, 00:55

State of My Life Address

00:55 Saturday 02 June 2018 JST

  1. I just got home from Apocrypha #15

09:13 Saturday 02 June 2018 JST

  1. Was up too late last night and did not do much good for myself (porn), but I on the productive side I read some of MJG’s new book The Rot’s War Ignifer Cycle Book 2
  2. co-gender circle seems to have come back to meeting after a significant dip in attendance over winter holidays
  3. men’s circle has had pretty solid attendance, often with 7 men. I might start tracking the numbers of attendees to see if there are any useful patterns

13:41 Saturday 02 June 2018 JST

  1. today I got a good start on the outer spiral for the large and medium marbles for Marble Track 3

05:12 Monday 04 June 2018 JST

Good grief I did not write much.

18:09 Monday 04 June 2018 JST

  1. Still have my MacBook Pro, like 4 or 5 years old now
  2. Lin and I have lived in our house for 2 years yay
  3. Jennie is good and has a cat door so she can come in and go out on her own schedule
  4. I have been talking to Kristen via Marco Polo recently
  5. I have not been talking to Richard via Marco Polo recently.
  6. Just met T from AB to figure out the next priorities for the site. Good meeting, and good to meet with them regularly.
  7. I applied to “conduct” a symphony orchestra for some event at Muza on July 1st. Will find out around 15 June if I got it.
  8. Still have not made any more LINE stickers beyond the first two I made for Jennie, including “Jennie says what” which is no longer for sale (Lin did not like one of the pictures) and “Jennie says yeah”
  9. Maybe I will make “Jennie says Tomoko” and have the name Tomoko written in various ways around Jennie posed in various ways.
  10. Monday noon lessons at U in Nishi-Azabu are getting better; I seem to have found a good groove with the students.
  11. dev on ConSwi for Godot has stalled in past couple of weeks. ugh.
  12. Co-gender group meets on Mondays and men’s circle meets on Tuesdays (since early 2018)
  13. I have been studying on Thursday nights with Mel in Chicago for a while.
  14. I have been teaching on Sunday nights with Sarumama near Shinjuku for a much longer while.
  15. Last week I had a meeting with Michael in UK to talk about ways to create a program for corporate team building.
  16. Been going to SOGO each Sunday, and Lin’s friend Aki has started to come as well. She has attended twice in past two weeks and seems keen to continue.
  17. She asked Junyu how to get more physically fit; he talked for 15 or so minutes in Japanese and I understood 80 or 90 percent.
  18. I could probably say 5% or 10%
  19. I have been using my waterproof Aquos phone for a while.. maybe 2 years
  20. M$ is going to buy Github, which is good for the Github peeps I guess, but likely bad for open source. I will move my junk off to something else. Maybe. Fred recently installed Gitlab on one of his servers. Maybe I can use it.
  21. Each Monday I have been chilling in Saizeria between Nishi-Azabu lesson and co-gender circle. Time to head to co-gender circle soon.