28 May 2018, 15:58

mt3 dedicated domain

15:58 Monday 28 May 2018 JST

HI Jackie!

I would like to make a site for my ongoing project, Marble Track 3.

I need some help kinda imagining how is best to present the
info+content I have, plus I have a few ideas+constraints of how I
think it should go.

I think the site can be implemented as a static website with no
backend coding required.  (Except *possibly* for a section
inviting people to get involved with the project.)

I need help with design and CSS.

For my current site at https://new.robnugen.com/ I am using Hugo
(https://gohugo.io/) to create the site based on a theme and a
bunch of markdown files for content.

For the new site, I would like to use my existing markdown files
for the BLOG portion of the site.

Here is an example BLOG source file

From this, Hugo creates

I want to keep using the same markdown + YAML format so I do not
have to disrupt my current workflow too much.

Let me know if your eyes have not glazed over and I can tell you
more of what I am thinking.


love and light
- Rob