11 May 2018, 11:20

health update

6 May or so 2018

I got a weird bump on my leg. Doctor gave some antibiotics.

2018 may left leg zit 0260 2018 may left leg zit 0261 2018 may left leg zit 0259

11:20 Friday 11 May 2018 JST

Today is my first health update my journal. I’m actually writing via voice recognition because I am not supposed to use my left wrist right now.

I went to the clinic and the doctor took x-rays and said there is some calcification on the bones in my wrist. Here are some pictures.

2018 may left wrist 0280 2018 may left wrist 0278

08:51 Sunday 13 May 2018 JST

Last night Yuji looked at my wrist at Shake Shack, He said he thinks my good posture with my back and shoulders this actually hurting my wrist, Which ends up taking all the stress. He also said it seems like the joint between my radius and ulna is not as strong as most people.

He gave me some exercises to help strengthen the joint and kind of get it back into the right position.

2018 May 15

Yuji wrote about my wrist!


手首の痛み 其の弐