07 May 2018, 05:01

dream in amusement park

05:01 Monday 07 May 2018 JST

今朝4時ごろ長く見ていた夢が終わった。 This morning I had a long dream which finished at 4am.

今朝長く夢を見て4時ごろ起きた。 This morning I woke up from a long dream at 4am.

At an amusement park, Fred, Lin, and I were on a circular ride made of red metal bars connected in a flexible way and with each joint covered with leather. I intended to ride leaning way back like this, but when the ride started, there was really not enough room to lean back. I was actually leaning forward to keep from hitting the walls outside the ride. I felt spooked by the walls being so close to the ride itself. The seats kept spiraling in and out of each other and I said HI, or "excuse me" to greet each person my seat came near. One guy on some of the inner parts was down on the ground with fake money and we started rolling through a lot of memes together like making puns, wearing sunglasses, then screaming yeahhh, or get over it, or you the real mvp, etc. Then my seat went impossibly outside a column, which freaked me out and everyone started laughing when I started hollering, and then my seat went outside into the larger park where Lin was there walking around as she had already noped off the ride. I learned how to drive it around the park so we rode together for a bit. until I woke up.

遊園地で弟と妻と円形の乗り物に乗った。 At an amusement park, my little brother, wife, and I were on a circular ride.

乗り物の部屋が小さすぎて怖かった。 The room was too small for the ride so it was scary.

右往左往っぽく回り回って他の人と挨拶した。 As we spun around, I greeted other riders.

妻が近に降りて部屋の外で会った。 My wife got off first, and I saw her outside the rooom.