03 May 2018, 18:14

walked around town with Lin

18:14 Thursday 03 May 2018 JST

Walked with Lin to the “bread festival” near our station. It was basically ten tables with some pastries / cookies, most of which were individually wrapped; none of which seemed different than what I could buy in a convenience store.

I took another pic of .. hmm maybe I can make a page for these on my journal site.

or maybe a whole set of pages … (brain starts to run wild..)

Okay first things first: I will

  1. download the images
  2. upload the images to my image server
  3. put all of them on a new page
  4. figure out what to call the set of images

But first first I will finish this entry.

After being unimpressed with the パン祭り, we walked a long way home to look for some geocaches.

But first we had lunch in a park.

2018 may 03 Francois in park

2018 may 03 babychan in park 2018 may 03 Rob in park

After lunch and sending some MarcoPolos to Karina, we went looking for geocaches. We got really really close to two of them but were unable to find them. The first one had been found recently.

3 May 2018, DNF Crane Tortoise Pine

I also DNF Mujinagaike park, but did not log it because I didn’t look allll that very long. I did find a turtle, though. I couldn’t determine if the turtle was alive without disturbing it, so I left it alone.

On the way home, Lin’s sandals were chafing her feet so she went barefoot for a bit. Maybe 45 seconds until she stepped on a tiny little rock.

2018 may 03 lin barefoot 0239 2018 may 03 lin barefoot 0238 2018 may 03 lin barefoot 0240 2018 may 03 lin barefoot 0241 2018 may 03 Lin barefooting

13:14 Friday 04 May 2018 JST

Turns out the first cache was missing. Turbo-7 replaced it this morning.