01 May 2018, 15:50

State of My Life Address

15:50 Tuesday 01 May 2018 JST

  1. I sent my invoice to Nate on time this month.
  2. He’s trying to cut costs by moving our Redmine server to a new server
  3. Nate: “This is an internal work and I don’t feel it’s fair for me to pay the cost to figure out how to move to amazon don’t U thjnk?”
  4. I am paid hourly, not a salary.
  5. Tariq and I have been working on ConSwi. I keep wondering if we should opensource it.
  6. Tonight is the first Tuesday of the month, so new men are welcome to attend Tokyo Men’s Circle. A few have said they will come, but I always wonder how many will.
  7. This is the second month of inviting new men this way.
  8. I am about 90% through Brené Brown’s book about being imperfect (I forgot the name haha)
  9. I am about 30% through Brandon Peele’s book about finding our purpose in life.
  10. I am about 1% through with Marble Track 3.
  11. Marble Track 3 is now into its tenth minute or so. There is a bit of trouble at the three-way split; the small marbles have barely enough room to roll through the rhombus under the bamboo splitters. I may have to lift one of the chopsticks
  12. Back to barefoot every day because the weather is nice.
  13. It’s Golden Week now, so we basically have the week off.
  14. Haven’t really talked to Fred as often as I’d like. I gotta call that lil bro a bit more.
  15. Maybe I can get him on Marco Polo
  16. I finished Dots and Co’s first 550 levels and am “waiting” for more.
  17. Been studying Japanese each Thursday with Mel in Chicago.
  18. Been teaching English each Sunday with Mutsumi in Tokyo.
  19. Been teaching English at SCC every other week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  20. Been teaching English at JB on Wednesdays
  21. Been teaching for ist on Mondays in Akabanebashi
  22. Starting Monday will be teaching for Tess again on Mondays in Nishi Azabu
  23. co-gender group meets on Mondays from 7-9pm in Nishi Azabu. (but not yesterday for Golden Week)
  24. Tokyo men’s circle meets on Tuesdays from 7-9pm in Hiroo.
  25. I have found that by reading Japanese, that has been the most helpful for me to learn.
  26. That and speaking
  27. Speaking of speaking, I have re-started working on Soness’s Build Your Speaker Bio and Media Sheet. It’s good stuff.
  28. I was too late to attend Toastmaster’s last month so will try again this month, being careful to leave on time!
  29. I should probably send a link to my contact and make sure I have the right place.
  30. I recently started messing with Fossil to archive my journal, but ain’t using it consistently. Sorta kinda stopped, tbh
  31. I rarely use abbreviations while writing, except for contractions and whatever it’s called when writin’ an apostrophe instead of a g.
  32. 5pm. Gotta start going to Tokyo Men’s Circle.
  33. 22:40pm Great circle tonight, with one new man joining (out of 3 who said they would, and 3 others who said they might).
  34. I’ve been doing pushups and planks on a semi-regular basis.
  35. After reading Habits by James Clear, I have some new ideas about how to build new habits. The cycle of habit forming is interesting, but the habits based on personality is even more interesting. Instead of “I won’t buy junk food,” try “I am a person who eats healthily”
  36. Lin and I are scheduled to go do something tomorrow; I wonder what we will end up doing.
  37. I wonder if gravity is part of electromagnetism. Magnets attract over distance; gravity attracts over distance. Electromagnetic radiation and gravity both propogate at the same speed. Hmmm.
  38. (next day) I just spent 49 minutes redoing a single piece on Marble Track 3, and am really happy with the result.