27 Apr 2018, 21:34

met Jon for dinner and bridge spotting

21:34 Friday 27 April 2018 JST

Jon and I ate burgers after we did a bit of a code review and MySQL discussion. Short answer: it’s better to loop through via code than do group+sort+filter+etc in MySQL.

After discussion, he showed me a lovely bridge across a river. It connects a building to a parking area with 15 bicycle parking spots on the far side of a river. 15 bicycle parking spots is a joke compared to the size of the building, and even the bridge itself, which features glass elevators on each side.

We found a couple of weird cables on the elevators, one of which I photographed with the intention of maybe posting on /r/whatisthisthing but I will probably forget to do so. Not even sure I will remember to post it here, given that it’s late and I am writing this while on the train, and will probably get sidetracked when I get home and to wifi.