22 Apr 2018, 20:07

minecraft undersea monster room

20:07 Sunday 22 April 2018 JST

I decided to recreate this reverse fishtank in Minecraft, but for some reason it is all dark when I view it from the outside. Not sure how to make the underwater view look lighter.

I created the tank using a fill command, decided to expand it, and made a huge area…

I think the command was something like this

/fill 4000 46 -5000 4050 50 -4800 glass_blocks 0 hollow

Then I carpeted the area with grass using something like this

/fill 4000 46 -5000 4050 46 -4800 grass

… a huge dark area where tons of monsters instantly spawned.


I filled it in with torches so more monsters will not spawn, but am leaving these here for Fred and I to kill when we come back to the server in survival mode.

2018 april 22 monster room underwater