15 Apr 2018, 11:30

might try to set up Fossil on Dreamhost

11:30 Sunday 15 April 2018 JST

I found an article about setting up Fossil on Dreamhost, and may try to go through it today.

First, I will set up a new sub-domain and new user on Dreamhost.


Done. I recognize that I am using git on a server for Fossil, but am going to ignore that for now.

Though the previous article compiled from source, it appears Fossil provides Linux binaries now.

Fill in the latest version number for … below

wget https://www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/uv/fossil-linux-x64-.....tar.gz
tar xf fossil-linux-x64-.....tar.gz
mkdir ~/bin
mv fossil ~/bin/

And the I appended bin/ to the PATH by adding this to ~/.bash_profile

export PATH=$PATH:~/bin/


I just read that the author of other article did not put it in PATH, but I like to fool around on command line, so it’s good for me.

Now, to see if I can access it via https as a CGI script

mkdir ~/publicrepos
cd ~/publicrepos/
mkdir repooo
echo world > repooo/hello.txt
fossil init -A rob repooo.fossil

Note password for user rob.

fossil open repooo.fossil
fossil user default rob
fossil add repooo/hello.txt
fossil commit

I set up .htaccess in root of public webserver, /home/USERNAME/domain.com/.htaccess

<Files repos>
  SetHandler cgi-script

I created repos in /home/USERNAME/domain.com/repos: (In the file below, change USERNAME below to the username of your account.)

directory: /home/USERNAME/publicrepos
notfound: /404.html

Oh cool it works!


09:49 Tuesday 17 April 2018 JST

Okay, now I have kinda figured out a system for adding my journal git repo to fossil:

Move to my existing git repo on local machine:

cd ~/journal

Export git into a new Fossil repo

git fast-export --all | fossil import --git journal.fossil

I think this will help me update the fossil repo again by creating files to link the leaves and nodes of the two repos (or something)

fossil export --git --export-marks ../journal.fossil.marks journal.fossil |    \
    git fast-import --export-marks=../journal.git.marks

And now after I git commit I can run this to get the latest into fossil (I think)

git fast-export --import-marks=../journal.git.marks  --export-marks=../journal.git.marks  \
    --all | fossil import --git --incremental --import-marks        \
    ../journal.fossil.marks --export-marks ../journal.fossil.marks journal.fossil

I was then able to scp the journal.fossil file to https://fossil.chatforest.com/repos/, then change the password for thunderrabbit from its default.

Now, how do I add the remote to my local Fossil so I can push changes to it?

fossil sync --ssl-identity ~/.ssh/fossil.chatforest.com ssh://USERNAME@fossil.chatforest.com/path/to/journal.fossil

And set up auto synchronization

fossil set autosync