13 Apr 2018, 16:37

technical debt

16:37 Friday 13 April 2018 JST

I gotta figure out how to make the AB project go more smoothly.

  • one: The system was designed to work with Customers logging in to the frontend, and Admin logging into the backend.
  • two: A couple years ago, Admin asked if there is a way for SuperCustomers to log into the front end.
  • three: I had to adjust the way people log into the site to allow them to be either Customers or SuperCustomers
  • four: On the backend, I adjusted the way Inquiries were created because Customers and SuperCustomers will both need Inquiries
  • five: Now I need to adjust the way Sets are created (Redmine ticket 3167) and I thought it would take 2 hours
  • six: Oh crap it is taking way more than 2 hours to do correctly, because it affects how Customers are created, which is new, due to step 3

Fortunately, Nate understands, but it will take a while to do much about it.