06 Apr 2018, 00:54


00:54 Friday 06 April 2018 JST

Just watched a couple episodes of Rick and Morty on Netflix. From season 1, the Zigerian scammers, and then the Mr Needful half of the Pluto episode (, fast forwarding through the Pluto parts).

This was after Japanese lesson with Mel, who often gives me bonus time yay! We read a few pages of a Doraemon book with 100 four-kanji words.

All that was after eating chocolate on the way home from the station after reading Planet on Purpose after talking to Yoko after the lesson after receiving the remainder of the chocolate rabbit she brought to class after she arrived late after we had been talking about Planet on Purpose after talking about Skype after having talked about the lesson from last week after Mayumi asked me about it after not having been there then.

Today’s lesson started after I helped some people from Atlanta Georgia charge their Suica after I charged my own card after arriving in Akihabara after taking the train from Kawasaki after buying a bottle of milk tea after noting it came with a chipmunk character (from Chip and Dale) inside an adjacent bottle after going into the shop after having finished four lessons at the SCC, including tweaking some translation about a new exhibit, after learning that “exhibit” in Japanese is てんじ, though I am not sure of its spelling.

I had gone to SCC after reading Planet on Purpose on the train after leaving home after working on ConSwi after attending the Court of Support meeting after checking in and out of my Integration Group, “Cyber Knights” after having breakfast after Lin made it after we woke up.