06 Apr 2018, 23:45

almost late

23:45 Friday 06 April 2018 JST

Not as late as last night, but may not get to bed by my target of midnight.

Watched too much damn ER with Lin, but I gotta admit it’s a good show. We are at Season 5 Episode 3 or so.

Had three meetings this morning, getting off to a great start, but did not do any paid work. Did do 1.3 hours of MT3, but have not uploaded the results yet. Might as well do that tonight.

Okay Dragonframe is exporting the clip now.

Did some good work on ConSwi as well.

One of the fans on my computer is making noise. I need to reboot the machine anyway, so I guess I will do that and take it apart tonight.


Okay Dragonframe finished exporting the snippet.


Okay, here is the NEW snippet https://youtu.be/3QNEW8hqHyU