04 Apr 2018, 12:45

Met Dipika

12:45 Wednesday 04 April 2018 JST

Today while I was in the cafe below Muza, a woman came up and asked if I could speak English. I drew her a map to a bank on the other side of the station, but had a slightly bad feeling about sending her on a possible wild goose chase. Her name is Dipika, and she’s been in Japan just a little bit and will be here for 2 more weeks. She didn’t exchange currency at the airport so she had no yen to buy a ticket, and they don’t take credit cards. She’s interested in finance, and asked me my thoughts on Bitcoin once I told her I did computer stuff.

She said she’s interested in China for the financial possibilities, and I definitely agree; it seems Chinese economy is on the rise.

Anyway, I walked with her to the bank …. and discovered only ATM machines were there. She needed to talk to a person. I misremembered what street had her bank so we walked to the wrong street for a different bank and then we were like bah and just went to Shinagawa station where she could exchange her voucher to get her JR Rail pass.

The staff there spoke English enough to help her find a mobile wifi provider, so we went there and got her hooked up with wifi for two weeks. Once she got some cash exchanged in Shinagawa, she paid me back for the train ticket to Shinagawa from Kawasaki. I gave her the money back in exchange for updates during her adventures.

Here’s hoping Dipika has a great trip!