02 Apr 2018, 23:48

No のの

15:48 Monday 02 April 2018 JST

While walking from Roppongi down to my lunchtime lesson, I walked past a woman (after admiring her tattoo), and then she walked past me and said, “hey I like your style,” referring to my bare feet. Turns out she works at Gonpachi, aka the Kill Bill restaurant. She invited me to come by, so I did around 1:45pm.

gonpachi 2 April 2018

She must have been busy or the message did not get to her, but no Nono. I left her a note; I hope that gets to her. I forgot to draw a bare foot on it.

Okay, Nono, your turn! Check out the co-gender group which meets on Monday nights 7pm - 9pm very close to the restaurant!

https://tokyo.mypowercircle.org/ This is written for the men’s circle, but the agreements are the same.