01 Apr 2018, 15:25

State of My Life Address

15:25 Sunday 01 April 2018 JST

  1. I started a Meetup group ManKind Project Tokyo which will soon be linked to the Mankind Project Pro Meetup account.
  2. Men’s group meetings are now every Tuesday (since March). We had been meeting twice a month since about August 2015. The group has slowly grown and now twice a month is not enough for every man to do his work.
  3. SOGO is still going, although the leadership is changing. Menya was not there today; Maha will soon be moving to Ireland; Michael left for California last year. Good job Pinakesh and Sho for leading the group today!
  4. Marble Track 3 has a grand total of nearly 9 minutes of video. As of this moment, the stage is spinning 4 units per frame (pretty fast) and some characters are affected, but ghostable gluer is not affected.
  5. I work for JB primarily (Wednesdays and Thursdays in Kawasaki + Akihabara) Solid Square early Wednesday mornings, from which Chika has moved on; SCC Wednesday / Thursday afternoons, both for museum and showspace; JB head office on Wednesday afternoon+evenings for kids classes alongside Patrick, and adult lessons alongside Matt; then GG lesson in Akihabara on Thursdays.
  6. After GG on Thursdays I head home for Japanese lesson with Mel in Chicago, who has free time after getting her son off to school on their Thursday morning.
  7. Secondarily working for ist with Tariq, with lessons on Monday mornings. We had a lot of students up to the end of the year last year, but they pretty much bounced during the holidays.
  8. Also working for ist on ConSwi, a new game we are developing slowly but surely with Godot 3. I am scheduled to meet Tariq this afternoon in 武蔵小杉 station.
  9. Also working for Tess, with one lesson per week on Mondays around noon. Not sure if that will be continued after the next two lessons coming up in April.
  10. Also working on growing the men’s group and hope to figure out a way to bring enough value to businesses that I can make some money with it. For now it is all volunteer.
  11. And volunteering a couple times a month on 7 Cups, etc.
  12. I just received in the mail Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown, and Planet on Purpose by Brandon Peele.
  13. Fred got his PhD! in December (I think). He’s teaching C++ courses.
  14. Lin and I have our cat Jennie and live in our house near (ahem, 24 minutes walk from) 新百合ヶ丘 station.
  15. I recently bought a Crayon Shinchan book, and a Doraemon book, but they are kinda beyond my understanding, unless I go slowly.
  16. I am still using my last ever Macbook Pro.
  17. I got rid of my iPhone and now use a waterproof Android phone, (which was waterproof before any iPhones were waterproof.)
  18. running out of steam in this SOML.
  19. Oh, I have been using Complice to get stuff done. It is thanks to Complice that I remembered I need to write an SOML today.