17 Mar 2018, 11:21

productive day

11:21 Saturday 17 March 2018 JST

St Patrick’s Day today and I wrote a letter to Ma, and all of these so far

2) eat well
2) brush teeth in morning
2) do ten pushups
2) do 40 second plank
2) do 45 kettlebell lifts
&) write quick letter to Ma
6) write Ma's address on envelope
&) target complete above by 10am
3) one pomo try to run on hardware
2) do ten more pushups
2) do 40 second plank again
3) one pomo try to run on hardware
&) target complete above by 11:30am
0) do two pomos of hypnotherapy
&) target complete above by 12:30pm

Plus started the laundry and spent some time with babychan, who is also getting her stuff done.

It’s a tiny bit too cold to go outside and walk in sunshine, but I might do it anyway.

Things I am working on now include this journal entry:

7) write something

and others:

&) target complete above by 1:00pm
1) one hour building MT3 (https://mt3.robnugen.com)
&) target complete above by 3:00pm
8) P210の単語のページを使って、
8) 漢字の練習と文章を作っておいてください。
&) leave for Japanese circle by 4:30pm
6) go to Japanese men's circle
6) mail check to Ma
2) eat on the way home or meet Babychan somewhere
5) prepare IL Japan article
2) do not eat after 9pm
2) fill in contract regarding food

I just now got https working again on mt3.robnugen.com. For some reason it was set on something other than Let’s Encrypt on my Dreamhost account, but not sure how I might have done that. Weird. Anyway, it should work indefinitely until I stop paying or whatever.