16 Mar 2018, 23:23


23:23 Friday 16 March 2018 JST

Kinda lazy day, but now am finally caught up after trip last weekend. Did not get as much done with Complice items as I wanted, but still got more done than I think I would have without having Complice as a reminder, or without my accountability partner on the site.

I watched the most recent two episodes of かケグルイ(sp) and had a Japanese lesson with Fumiko. She gave me some homework so I wonder if I will do it.

Talked to Mikako today about kanji for my name; I had wanted to get a hanko made with my inkan, but turns out it’s not easy to get an officially recognized kanji for my name spelled with western characters. Might just give up on the idea, but I still need some kind of hanko, so I will get something.