14 Mar 2018, 21:12


21:12 Wednesday 14 March 2018 JST

After my morning lesson I had a big gap during which I had a big nap because dang I was tired. I seem to have gotten over the jet lag (new vocabulary word for some students today). I was roused by a security guard when I tried to nap on a grassy field on 3F of Lazona (next to Eggs N Things (or something)). But before he roused me, I got to sleep there about an hour or so, so that was nice.

They are putting a new green fake grass surface in Lazona, to give it a (fake) park-like atmosphere. It looks nice; I wonder how functional it will be.

Headed to JB at 3:30 and just finished a bit ago. 7pm lesson featured a discussion of WTC7, and 8pm lesson featured intonation practice. How are you? How are you?