13 Mar 2018, 01:31

things to do

01:31 Tuesday 13 March 2018 JST

Chillin at airport now in Portland, about to go home. Sad that I did not connect with Colleen or anyone else who may be here.

Ecstatic about deep transformational work and experience I had.

But that’s not why I am writing.

Here’s my things to do:

1) copy things to do here 2) add new Complice Goal of Connect with Babychan 3) copy my things to do back onto Complice

Okay so here is step one:

5) get caught up on email
&) process most email
2) brush teeth in morning $wf:r:cdd283568d11
7) write something about my experience $wf:r:6f3d9a1f2ae4
7) write something else
1) day off $wf:r:716d40cb45f8
2) do ten pushups $wf:r:219a438d8f19
2) eat well $wf:r:dec36bfd8499
2) fill in contract regarding food $wf:r:0e1b8532c6b9
8) read something $wf:r:7c12c63d02c2
6) fly back to Japan
6) sleep on plane to get back on Japan sleep schedule
6) go to men's circle
9) go see my babychan

01:37 Tuesday 13 March 2018 JST

Okay step two is done.

And neither step one nor step three was required because Complice saved my work automatically.