11 Mar 2018, 16:05

Great LT1 weekend

16:05 Sunday 11 March 2018 JST

23:05 Saturday 10 March 2018 JST

Bunch of great guys here in Oregon for the LT1 and ST1 dual training. I attended ST1 (Staff Training 1) in Perth last year and am attending LT1 (Leadership Training 1) in Oregon this weekend. Got to meet Alan who I know from my online men’s circle, and met Mike P with dredlocks who I had met online as well. Also met Richard and was like “woah!” when I recognized I knew him from online. Have not yet seen Scotty K, who I also know from online, but I told him on Thursday that I’d be here and he said he might come down.

Sad news is that I am an idiot and did not tell Collenie Beanie that I would be here, and I did not realize until she was like, “wait, which Portland?” on FB that I had effed up. I was so focused on just the weekend that I did not tell anyone except the men here. Colleen said she would have driven down to see me! Oh god I am such an idiot. I will be back by next year though, so I will be hella sure to let her know ahead of time!

Got the blessing of the community tonight before dinner and John H started to fundraise a bit for me to help start MKP Japan. He wrote me a check which covers my flight over here. Not sure how to cash it though unless they have my bank in this area. Talked to John for a while tonight, and he seems to have a wide range of detailed info about a wide range of historical, financial, naval, and medical topics.