09 Mar 2018, 10:05

draft of mission speech

10:05 Friday 09 March 2018 JST

I sketched out this speech a few days ago as I decided to switch my Complice Goal 0 from “Take Counseling Course Online” to “Speak on stage in Tokyo”

What is your mission in life?

What is it that drives you, that inspires you to wake up each day,
knowing what you plan to do, knowing it might not work out that
way TODAY, but knowing that on the whole, you are driving toward

I'm not talking about goals daily goals weekly goals 5 year plan
10 year plan. I'm talking about my mission for me it's that
unattainable optimal Target in life that's concrete but elusive.

Maybe concrete is not the right word. It's succinct. it's easy for
me to do a litmus test to determine if any particular action is
assigned with what I ultimately want to be known for in life. Is
this moving me closer toward my target Mission or not?

What is your mission in life?

What do you ultimately want to be known for in life. What do you
want to be on your epitaph?

Yes I mean that message on your head stone when you die. This is
life out death stuff. what will you create with your life?

It's my LinkedIn profile title. Half of my mission is my
title. That gives me some flexibility for how to implement my

For me it's my kids. I want to raise them into productive adults
who have self driven self created missions in life. And to be
clear, I don't mean my biological children. It's too late for
that. Unless we have a Surprise. I'm ready now, I think. Okay I'm

I can remember asking my dad when he would be a granddad. I was
perhaps seven years old. At that time, I didn't know I had
anything to do with that decision.

In any case, my mission is something that is, truthfully,
unattainable.  LIke a shining star on the horizon, pointing me in
the direction I want to have traveled when I look back on my life.

Having a mission gives me some core material to discuss when it's
my turn to speak in men's circle.  I may start by stating my mission:

I create a safe and empowered world by listening and sharing my heart.

Then the simple question guides me.  In what parts of my life do I
not listen nor share my heart?   Oh man, talk about pulling out
the stops!  Well, I sigh, for example "sometimes I do not listen
to my wife."

And this can start a whole experiential connection to deep
emotions which are, ultimately, keeping me from being on mission.

more to come….