05 Mar 2018, 15:34

first draft bio

15:34 Monday 05 March 2018 JST

To pursue his dream of travel, Rob gave up his comfortable life in
Texas, including house, car, cat, and fiance. Just to see what
else is out there.

Fascinated with time, Rob has started a stop-motion animation
project, likely to take ten years.  He has also started writing a
novel, which is being presented backwards, one word at a time.

Walking around barefoot as often as possible, Rob hopes to inspire
others to do what they like, regardless of what other people may

Not knowing what to do in life, Rob often prescribes to Bashar's
suggestion that people should do what excites them most at any
given moment.

At the current ongoing moment, that is organizing peer counseling
circles for men and women in Tokyo.  Growing from 3 men to 9 men
and 4 women in two years.