04 Mar 2018, 20:56

Great day

20:56 Sunday 04 March 2018 JST

Went to SOGO for workout with about 50 people in attendance. Great weather and great workout. I met Shell, Koji, Tyler, and others, but cannot remember now.

Went to lunch with Lisa at Laska and chatted with her a bit, and got to see a video of the type of dancing she is doing.

Went down to Tsujido for karaoke after recording video at karaoke with Kai, Mitsue, and Soness as the stars. Got to see long-time-no-see Yuji, and longer-time-no-see Jesse. Plus got to meet all-time-no-see Vesna. Thanks to Soness for organizing and inviting, and giving me some crazy sock-shoes!

Came back for lesson with Sarumama but got her cancellation request on my way home. She said she will pay for the lesson.

Walking toward home, I saw the guy next to the telescope stand I sometimes see with or without a telescope. This time he had his telescope connected to a laptop which could see the image. Much easier to use than back in the day when we had to squat down and squint up into the eyepiece. He showed me a picture he had taken of a nebula, which was apparently 120 snapshots overlaid on each other to get sufficient brightness. It looked quite good for such a small telescope! (3 inches or so)