16 Feb 2018, 10:59

typo close to legalese

10:59 Friday 16 February 2018 JST

I cannot decide if I should care that my accountants apparently cannot spell or cannot hire proofreaders or what. Does it make a difference? Should I complain? Stop using them? Is this just a case of English language changing?

I mean language is a tool to transmit meaning between people and written language is a tool to transmit meaning across time as well. I know what they mean, but could there be a case where it’s not clear? “It is” contains a verb, but “its” contains the idea of possession.

typo on tax accountant site

Anyway, I left them a note and hope they will fix it and give me a discount for reporting it, like a bug bounty program. But until it’s fixed, I will not recommend their service.