05 Feb 2018, 13:51

replacement phone

13:51 Monday 05 February 2018 JST

Is it a waste to get a new phone after my phone’s screen broke to the point that I put tape on it to keep pieces of glass from falling out?

Seems like it in some ways, but maybe most of all because I didn’t keep the phone encased in case it fell, which it eventually did, and shattered the screen.

New phone arrived yesterday and was really easy to copy the bulk of data over and download apps again. The phones talked via Bluetooth to figure out why they were and what to do.


Yikes stripes I came to a conveni to work on stuff, but I need to sleep. Can I do it without going home?

twenty-four hours later

I headed home soon thereafter. The first weekly co-gender group featured four attendees including me. I experienced some great crying facilitated by my co-leader C.