17 Jan 2018, 13:14

speaker bio draft

13:14 Wednesday 17 January 2018 JST

Often seen walking barefoot around Tokyo, Rob likes baring his soles as well as his soul. “The long term goal is to reduce the suicide rate in Tokyo” he says with a wistful gaze. “It just seems like such a waste of human potential for someone to kill themselves instead of talk about their problems.”

To facilitate talking about problems, he leads peer counseling circles in Tokyo. One is just for men using protocols from The Mankind Project (mkp.org) The other is co-gender, because “as far as I know, nothing like this exists for women in Tokyo (and I can’t join a women’s circle).”

Speaking about the value of emotional literacy and how it can transform relationships of all varieties, Rob speaks from experience. “I met people from The Mankind Project in 1996. I was delighted to meet people who could be authentic and even vulnerable with one another. They seemed to relate to one another on a deeper level.”

Attending the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1997 was “huge for me. It was the first time in my life I realized I was a man. I was 27 at the time.”