10 Jan 2018, 08:44

getting back to work in 2018

08:44 Wednesday 10 January 2018 JST

I worked yesterday for the first time in 2018. Monday was a holiday, and my

13:41 Wednesday 10 January 2018 JST

I am on the train and the above is as far as I got before sidetracking myself with something before having a meeting with TY at 9am then lunch with Lin.


  • I got my AWS account switched to JPY instead of USD so I can pay more efficiently.
  • I said Sorry to Alan of ngrok for letting my account lapse; he replied immediately after pausing it for me.
  • Lin and I walked to the train station. Weather is cold and windy but features a clear blue sky.
  • Chatting with Michael a bit; I will meet him on Friday after work.
  • I forgot to bring
  • I thought of a reasonable crypto currency to make: Curios, which will have the feature of being valueless so people who are curious about cryptocurrencies can get into them without worries. We will just give away 10,000 coins to anyone who wants them and just let people play around with them.
  • Mel emailed me and I emailed her back