31 Dec 2017, 04:54


04:54 Sunday 31 December 2017 -02

Ten point five hours to go in our flight. It’s 5am Sao Paulo time, and 4pm Tokyo time. I took a 3.5 hour nap in Sao Paulo and woke up around 8:45pm (and wrote a journal entry about a dream I had writing a journal entry about a dream I had) and have thereby been awake 8 hours. I plan to be awake 6 more hours, at which point I will have 4 more hours of flight time to sleep before we arrive in Dubai.

I think we arrive a couple/few hours before Happy New Year celebration starts in Dubai.

When it’s midnight in Dubai, I think it will be 5am in Tokyo. I will sleep for a few hours, waking up at maybe 9 or 10am Tokyo time, by which point I plan to have reversed A and P, and be over any residual jetlag.