23 Dec 2017, 04:49

dream scheduling conflict

04:49 Saturday 23 December 2017 -03

I had a schedule conflict that I detected a few days out, but didn't try to rectify until the day of the conflict. Nate wanted to have me join a late night adventure sneaking into a dark house that only I knew the layout to find some prize close to midnight.
I was more interested in joining Lin to meet Travis and Yumi for a roadtrip that started at 11pm, but planned to meet in nearly the same location, an empty field next to the building that Nate and I were going to explore in the dark.
I was more interested in joining Lin and Travis because they wanted me to join because of me, and Nate wanted me to join because of what I could do.
I decided I had to call Nate, so I found my phone and my earphones and plugged them into the phone and into my ears. I called him while walking around a mall near a train station, going up and down escalators and was like
"Hey yo I gotta leave early tonight like midnight,"
and he goes "Why?"
Which is a question I had not really anticipated. I told him why and he seemed to understand because he repeated back what I said. I was like yep and he started to negotiate as I walked down an escalator barefoot and turned right after I saw some people go down a vertical elevator thing like in a parking garage I saw where the staff could use the elevator chains that just continuously cycled. I was surprised that I didnt want to take that but instead took the escalator, thinking next time I would take the elevator chain.

I woke up quite relieved that there was no schedule conflict..