21 Dec 2017, 22:12

beach day

(transcribed 22:12 Monday 01 January 2018 JST)

evening 21 December 2017

Great view of semi-fragile sand dunes, but not safe to climb ざんねん. Hot girls including one with braces. OMG why do so many adults have braces here?

Finished algorithm for the app (LeSwipe / ConSwi) to deal with linking swipes to shapes while chilling in a self made hole in the beach.

(pictures coming soon?)

Quite interesting to see the waves coming in over the very-flat beach, so it came up significantly farther and farther with each passing unit of time. There was a bridge from the steps to the shore but even it did not stay dry at high tide.

Before taking video of kids leaping from the restaurant balcony into high tide, I took several pics of the water coming in, which I hope to make into an animation.


wow so much to see in Brazil!

Played table football with Artulio(sp) as sister whined or watched videos. He never cared that I never understood, and he never tried to understand when I spoke verbally.

At the end I threw a peace sign and he gently corrected me with throat slit pantomime. I guess it is serious bzns.