20 Dec 2017, 09:14

Note to self: do not bite cashew shells

09:14 Wednesday 20 December 2017 -03

Here is Brazil, cashew fruit are available at any fruit stand.

I tried the fruit. So much water spilling out I think it should be called watermelon. Very stringy and not so delicious, but edible.

Once I finished the fruit, I looked at the stem looking thing.

Wait, so you’re telling me there’s a cashew nut in here? That’s awesome!

It was too hard to crack with my fingers, so I used my teeth to try to crack it open. It was actually chewy, not hard, so I bit it again a couple of times to try to get it to open.

Eww hang on, that tastes bitter. Yo wow ow holy cats it’s terrible flavor.

I felt a tiny bit woozy walking to the bar to find something to wash down the flavor. Was it poisonous??

Here is what I wrote to myself:


Note to self

Do not chew cashew nut case to get the cashew out

Worst taste ever

I have consumed
Two pieces of cake
One cup of yogurt
One glass of orange juice

And I can still taste the cashew shell flavor


Cup of yogurt, cup of porridge, and 15 minutes later, I can still
taste it. It kinda feels like it damaged my tongue like a burn (acid)?



The shell of the cashew nut contains oil compounds which may cause
contact dermatitis similar in severity to that of poison ivy,
primarily resulting from the phenolic lipids, anacardic acid, and
cardanol. Due to the possible dermatitis, cashews are typically
not sold in the shell to consumers.

Thanks, Wikipedia!