19 Dec 2017, 10:43

headed to GRU airport

10:43 Tuesday 19 December 2017 -02

En route to GRU via taxi from Rodrigo’s aparment. I trust we are on time; our flight is at 12:45pm and the airport is apparently 14 kilometers from here. Traffic has started moving briskly; we are traveling at 80 km/h, so we should ostensibly arrive in less than 14 minutes, so I guess we are good. It’s a domestic flight so maybe less stringent through security.

10:47 Tuesday 19 December 2017 -02

Now traveling 120 km/h so I am sure we will be fine.

13:16 Tuesday 19 December 2017 -02

We made it to the gate right at boarding time. The taxi ride to the airport was fine, but then we had to wait in line for 30 minutes to pay extra for a big bag full of presents and stuff.