15 Nov 2017, 12:27

playing with AWS for sbs.net

12:27 Wednesday 15 November 2017 JST

Not actually sbs.net, but yes actually AWS. Using Ansible again, thanks to Travis having suggested it to me.

Right now as I write this entry, AWS my wifi in this cafe is being slow to realize that my VPC is already created. Not sure why, as it was fast a moment ago.

Yep it just timed out.

The error was: ssl.SSLError: The read operation timed out

Previously, I was getting

Invalid type for parameter AvailabilityZone, value: None

When actually I was sending no value at all. Someone else reported ec2_vpc_subnet subnet creation fails due to az parameter validation error. Thanks, OP!

Yay, now it works because I specified az: ""

- name: Create subnet
    vpc_id: "{{ vpc.vpcs.0.id }}"
    cidr: "{{ vpc_subnet }}"
    region: "{{ ec2_region }}"
    az: ""
      Name: "{{ vpc_subnet_name }}"