07 Nov 2017, 13:39

Shimoda Weekend

13:39 Tuesday 07 November 2017 JST

Okay it’s been a couple days, but we had a lovely weekend in Shimoda. So glad that Lin joined us! She said she had a great time. The weekend schedule was kinda freestyle, which caused a bit of consternation for some, but did not affect things too badly. I enjoyed getting to know everyone a bit better.

Yoga on Saturday morning was originally led by Lisa, but turned into acro yoga with people being angels, superman, partners, flippers, etc.


13:49 Tuesday 07 November 2017 JST

I am falling asleep on the train as I write.

16:42 Tuesday 07 November 2017 JST

(chillin at dentist’s office now)

Erik created a sweet video comprised of video he took during the weekend. Rohini and I are in it!