20 Oct 2017, 23:49


23:49 Friday 20 October 2017 JST

I haven’t tagged a journal entry as ‘sleepy’ in a while. Tonight we saw a movie and when I turned my phone back on I discovered I had derped an online meeting by not entering it into my calendar (nor my brain, obviously). Got the meeting sorted out after returning home, and she was understanding / comforting enough that I probably won’t offer lunch or anything.

Anyway, I cleaned up the Balance Differ a little so it has less code related to the Time Calculator. The writer of Time Calculator hasn’t responded to my request for a suggested License, so I guess I will leave the license off.

00:08 Saturday 21 October 2017 JST

Just for the record, I am completely ready for bed: showered, flossed+brushed teeth, dried hair (doesn’t take much)… but I am just sitting in front of my computer like bluh. gtf to bed!