09 Oct 2017, 10:46

flying home

10:46 Monday 09 October 2017 JST

As soon as I thought to write “flying home,” I got a little pang of guilt. Isn’t my home Houston?

Anyway, the flight from Perth to Honkers was a bit long, but fine. I slept for most of the first six hours and then watched the movie CHiPs because it was listed as a comedy, but .. it was pretty dark if it was a comedy. Suicide, lotta violence; I turned it off as the final scene was ramping up.

Before getting on the flight from Honk Kong to Narita, I spoke a bit with a couple on the flight. I realized about halfway into the convo that I had asked him where he was from, but not asked her. They are on a 13 day tour in Japan including Hakone, Nagoya, Takayama (not sure where that is), Kyoto, Osaka.

They are sitting in row 50+ and I am in row 60+, with no one beside me though I had decided I would make an effor to talk to the person who sat beside me.

I have been sleeping about 1.5 hours at this point, and now have written the above while waiting for the commercials before my selected movie, The Transport, or something. Ah, no, it’s called The Passengers.