05 Oct 2017, 07:00

Dream three years ago

07:00 Thursday 05 October 2017 JST

We watched as two security guards dove into the river to help the tourists who had fallen out of the rafts. The river water came right up to the window, which surprised me, but was normal to the locals. We started climbing down the tower and walking towards the rocket to launch to the mon. I was like oh snap I forgot to pack! I realized I did not have to panick; I manifested the packed bag in my hands by visualizing what needed to be in it. This action woke me into waking reality but I went back to sleep. Walking along the path with my new friend, we saw one of her friends who gave me doe eyes when we met. Nice to meet you and hug and kiss with the idea of more to come.

Seeing the map of the town and the friendly history, I just started crying, "I wish I had found you 3 years ago."