15 Sep 2017, 08:30

another NK missile whizzes over Hokkaido

08:30 Friday 15 September 2017 JST



J: top Reddit post .. what do people say in Toyko when this happens?

me: “Yay we are on Reddit!”

J: glad nothing happened and ya’ll are safe though, for real.. just wondering what people say there to each other when close calls like this happen

me: tbh, some people got notifications via cellphone.. but I don’t hear people talking about it. Just like when an earthquake happens… well it wasn’t The Big One, so life goes on as normal.

J: geez

J: seems scary looking in from outside

me: I am helpless to do anything about it, so I choose not to worry about it . I mean we have food rations at home and water stocked up, but there isn’t much else to be done about it.