12 Sep 2017, 23:57


23:57 Tuesday 12 September 2017 JST

Just got home via taxi with Lin after eating ice cream with her near our station. I got Ben and Jerry’s cotton candy (which was similar to Baskin Robbin’s Popping Shower), and she got cherry by some other premium brand, the name of which escapes me now.

Lin and I took the same train from Noborito to our station. She had gotten on near Shinjuku, and we did not specifically plan to take the same train, but it worked out that way. I was near the front and she was near the back so we didn’t see each other until we actually got up to the concourse platform of our station.

She had been at work all day and I had just taken the Nambu Line from Kawasaki to Noborito after taking Yamanote and K-T Line with Lisa, after walking with Lisa and Jorge from Nishi Azabu to Shibuya (30 minutes or so) after our eighth 2 hour meeting (of eight).

I made it to the meeting a tiny bit more rushed than normal, but I arrived on time after having visited Paola to receive my second Bach herbal remedies bottle from her. Paola also fed me some rice she had made, plus a pear. I showed her the playlist of latest Marble Track 3 and she subscribed! I now have 3 subscribers yay!

Anyway, that was after I had teached in Nihonbashi, which was after I added several exposures to the third snippet of Marble Track 3 videos. Today I uploaded drilled one hole.