11 Sep 2017, 19:19

Studied Japanese

19:19 Monday 11 September 2017 JST

I might be back on a study mode. This time, I plan to learn some transitive verbs without learning their intransitive verb partners at the same time.

There are probably errors in the notes below!

開ける open something

  • ドアを開けて、下さい。 Please open the door.
  • 窓を閉めて、ください。 Please close the window.

  • 今日、電気をつけて、虫が入った。 Today I turned on the light and a bug came in. (and I used an intransitive verb.)

  • 殺さないで、虫を出した。 Without killing it, I put the bug outside.

沸かして忘れたお湯を見つけた。 I found boiling water on the stove and was like hey who left this boiling?